Car Scratch Repair Warrington

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Here at Top Coat car body repairs, we offer expert car scratch repair in Warrington. Our highly skilled and fully qualified team can assist in helping you get your vehicle back to being in pristine condition and looking good as new. When you work with us, you can be sure of a fast turnaround, cost-friendly fees and unbeatable customer service. 

Whether your car has been scratched in a road accident or it’s a consequence of road debris, we’ve got you covered. Call our team today for your FREE no-obligation quote!

It’s important to act fast when you see scratches on your car. Not only do they look bad but it can also decrease the value of your vehicle. It’s also commonly known that if you leave significant car scratches for too long without repair, it can result in costing you a lot more in the longer term as the rust settles. 

Luckily, our dedicated team at Top Coat, are here to provide the best car scratch repairs in Warrington, matching any quote you’ll find elsewhere. 

Using our exemplary diagnostic equipment, our technicians will be able to get rid of the scratches on your car whilst also maintaining the paintwork so your car looks as fresh as ever. As your local cosmetic body shop, we’ve worked to repair hundreds of car scratches before following a proven process that helps save you money.

When you work with us, we can guarantee we can save you money in the long-term by allowing our skilled technicians to repair the problem while it’s still fairly new. If not, corrosion can take its toll and leave your vehicle unrepairable. 

Topcoat aren’t just your average body shop, we genuinely care about our customers. Since 2002, we’ve been specialising in car scratch repairs in Warrington helping various other local garage and repeat customers that are more than happy with the work we do for them. Our expert technicians will carefully assess the scratch and match the paintwork down to the exact colour, paying high attention to detail. 


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If possible, send our team a picture of your car scratch and give us a little bit of information about the nature of the damage. This will help our team to make a quick diagnosis and get prepared for what we need before we’ve even got your vehicle at our garage!


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